September 30, 2004

What has the World Come to?

New York has gotten despicable. Even here in secuded Brooklyn. Today, a few yards from my house, an elderly woman was stabbed repeatedly for her purse. News link here. It happened around 2P.M today, before I came home from school. Imagine the shock of finding your block closed off due to a murder. Frankly, I don't feel safe anymore. I think I may know this elderly woman, too.

How much could have been in that purse anyway? Enough to warrant a murder in cold blood? And to stab someone 3 blocks from a police station is unheard of. I hope the murderer gets caught. As for "Frenchie," rest in peace.

Posted at 8:06 PM in Rantings of the World.

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Woah, someone was murdered? Makes you think, now we have murderers wandering around Bensonhurt...

Posted by Ben at 21:04 on October 1, 2004. #

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