September 01, 2004

The Cheesesteak: Brotherly Love?

Ah, traveling along the east coast of America. Nothing can possibly be so mind-numbing boring. Not to mention buttock-numbing. Seeing as the Republican National Convention had started last week here in New York, my plans for the weekend had been ruined. The politicians always manage to ruin something of mine. Instead of going to Whole Foods as planned, my family visited Philadephia. Family friends reside there, and I've never been to Philly before.

Of course, I had to try the cheesesteak. That was what I had decided on the ride there. Only to find that delays had pushed our arrival into the City of Brotherly Love to 4PM, far too late for lunch. Well, that didn't stop me. After spending a few minutes chatting at our friends' residence, we drove a whopping 5 minutes to Pat's King of Steaks and Geno's Steaks. I know, I know, they're both mainly tourist traps. But heck, if the cheesesteak was born here, I might as try it. Besides, I didn't have the address to Jim's Steaks. ;)

Being the bold one, I decided to order from Geno's. Apparently, it was a "Cheese whiz, wit'." The sandwich was a monster, and I proceded to the condiment stand to place a few (jalapeno?) peppers into the sandwich. Boy, they were hot, but the complimented it very, very well. If you ever try them, watch out! They explode in your mouth and the juice goes everywhere. Overall, the sandwich was good, but leaning toward mediocre. The beef was good, though a bit on the tough side. I snapped another picture of Pat's like the tourist I was and went back home with a sandwich from Pat's to take home. My parents played their customary Mahjong and we left. I'm quite surprised I was able to finish the whole thing, especially with my femininely small (no offense intended) stomach capacity and weight. It did manage to murder my appetite for meat for a while, however.

Arriving in Brooklyn at 10:30, we went to 8th Ave for a late night meal. Feeling bloated, I had a small bowl of plain congee. Everyone else had the steak, noodles, and other yummy stuff I had to ignore. Two days after this, I would unwrap my cheesesteak from Pats and toast it.

I know it's unfair to judge a reheated sandwich, but Pat's was just bland. They give more meat at a lower price, but there's a lack of cheese as well as taste. The rolls aren't as chewy as Geno's, according to my sister. They also don't offer any condiments. The final verdict for me is that Geno's is better. Maybe next time I'll try Jim's, the apparent champion of steaks in Philly.

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I'm in the mood for some Philly cheesesteaks!

Posted by Victor at 21:46 on September 5, 2004. #

Haha you always make a big deal on everything you eat.

Posted by Henry at 21:26 on September 16, 2004. #

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