July 18, 2004

Strawberries Galore

It's a few seconds from midnight. It's still raining heavily, and it's been gloomy all day. So, I might as well tell you about my strawberry adventure.

Four weeks ago, my family and a couple of friends went strawberry picking. It was on a small farm in South Hampton. It took about 2 hours to get there, and an extra hour to find it. It turns out we had passed it and took note of it as a shoddy roadside "pick your own" place.

First impressions aside, it was quite a large farm of strawberries, at least to this city-slicking New Yorker.

Being the end of the season, the little red berries were mostly picked clean. However, we did find some very nice ones. My sister picked the biggest ones, but their quality was iffy. I'm pretty sure we had 2 pounds of strawberries digesting already, even before weighing in.

An hour and 5 pounds of strawberries later, we went off to the Tanger Shopping Center, where I got myself some cookie cutters, a pepper mill, and a new pyrex baking dish. I wanted a digital scale, but they didn't have any within the entire place. After leaving, we went over to our friend's house, and had dinner. Store-ordered Haianese chicken rice with clams, Gai lan, char siew, and crabs.

We went home without my parents playing Mahjong (gasp). Upon unloading the strawberries from the car, we found them half-baked by the sun, but otherwise still good. However, thanks to that, their lifespan in the fridge was cut short.

Desperate to use up all the strawberries, I made the following in 5 days: strawberry shortcake (sliced view), strawberry Jam (I ran out of bread, so I slathered the jam on a rice cake), and strawberry bread. I used the rest in a milkshake, and ate some as well.

Well, now that strawberry season is over, it's time to focus on the summer fruits! Yay, raspberries, blueberries, and peaches! I've never tasted a raspberry before, but at $1.50/pint, I'll be sure that I do.

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Luckily, I don;t have gambling parents, so i've never had the "Mahjong problem." How do you get such good shots of your food? It's weird...

And also, you beat youself up too much. It's like a Tech student with the self-esteem of a Stuy student. Or, the lack of it...

Posted by Ben at 19:04 on July 19, 2004. #

Raspberries are t3h shit.

Posted by at 20:25 on July 20, 2004. #

Wow, isnt ben marvelous? hes right in my opinion. but u know my opinions are as light as..light cream..which really isnt that light..but um..=x
have fun peach picking on Sunday =D

Posted by QingY at 23:27 on July 21, 2004. #

wow your site is mad nice

Posted by mr shi at 12:23 on July 23, 2004. #

woow what a good day...hot shit O_O

Posted by Eric at 11:47 on July 24, 2004. #

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