July 14, 2004

It's a World Gone Mad

Oh dear God. Last Sunday was my first time. So much licking and sweating. I'm talking about gelato on a hot summer day. Sunday was the first time I've tasted any type of ice cream so good.

For a while now, I've wanted to get my playstation 2 modified to play backups, imports and other goodies. So, Sunday morning, my family and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant on 8th Avenue for lunch(heavy brunch, lunch - it's all the same). The restaurant's name is Cho Lon, without those insane pronunciation marks. The Pho at this particular place is a bit lacking in flavor, but gives quite a lot of noodles and meat, probably due to the fact that there is a competeing restaurant next door.

Being the lightweight that I am, I only finished 2/3 of it. I was actually still a bit hungry (just a tad) when I walked out. I took the train from there to Chinatown, and went to JnL Game Trading Inc. for my mod. It didn't come cheapt at $125, but it was the only place in a 10 mile radius that used the Magic V chip. Oh, I picked up a copy of Disgaea as well, for $50, the last of my saving for weeks and selling my anime DVDs. Eh, it was worth it. I don't watch my DVDs more than once anyway.

So, while I was waiting, I walked to Orchard Street, trying to find Il Laboratorio del Gelato, a small gelato shop that I've heard raves about. I actually had to walk from the start (or end) of Orchard Street to Broome, just to find it.

I heard that it was just a small gelato shop, but even so, it was surprising exactly how small. There was a tattered looking flag with it's logo hanging above the shop, which was barely 4 yards across! I looked at the price list. $3.25 for a small cup. They had risen in price since last year, which was from when the review I read had been printed. I know, it's rather expensive for a impoverished student such as myself, but I couldn't pass this up. Unfortunately, I chose vanilla as my flavor. Vanilla gives me a burning sensation in my throat after eating, but man, it was orgasmic on the tongue. It was so creamy and good. It was like nothing I've ever tasted. Il Laboratorio has a huge selection of flavors, and I was fumb enough to go for the most plain. I'm so dumb. ;P

After I finished my gelato, I walked back to the shop and picked up my system as well as Disgaea. I hope my system dies before the warranty expires though; the disk drive is making loud noises now. It's not that bad, but my PS2 seems to be a bit old. Oh well. So, for the past two days, I've been playing Disgaea close to non-stop, resting in between leveling with DDR Party Collection (which is totally awesome, by the way). I'd post a review for Disgaea, but I'd rather not. I wouldn't want to rant any more than I usually do. Let's just say that it's very long and involving, and that the game engine is very open-ended. Now, I think I'll go back and level up Hermia some more...

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Sweet crap. That looks...amazing. Though I doubt any food can be orgasmic, unless you're talking about corn, bananas, cucumbers, or any other long hard fruits and veggies. Ahem.

Posted by Ben at 22:20 on July 14, 2004. #

O.o thatz hott madd nicee

Posted by catt at 23:25 on July 14, 2004. #

It's funny how you always take pictures of food in such a professional way.

Posted by Henry at 00:37 on July 15, 2004. #

Actually, I stole that particular picture off the laboratorio's site. I ate the gelato too fast. :X

Posted by Allen Wong at 09:01 on July 15, 2004. #

O.O learn to make ice cream..please? That is just...amazing. ;9

Posted by Qingy at 13:43 on July 18, 2004. #

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