Aug 7, 2004

Shake Shack

The weather is really strange here in New York. It's not as bad as the time we had snowfall in April, but I had to wear a jacket on Friday. Well, in the morning anyway. On Fridays, I go to a Chinese bakery in Chinatown where my uncle works. It's a fairly popular place, where the cakes are their top sellers. My uncle is the cake decorator and miscellaneous person. Hey, not that many cakes are ordered at a time. I help out as much as I can, but I mostly just watch the people work and practice piping and decorating the cakes. It can get kind of dull at times, but I like watching the people work. The bakery's name is Manna House Bakery. It's located at Mott and Hector Street in Manhattan. Being in Manhattan, I leave when it's lunch time and go out to eat.

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Aug 3, 2004

Super Size Me

I saw Super Size Me today. I've been wanting to see this movie/documentary for a while now, but absolutely none of the theatres around here show it. I had to resort to other methods to see it. I know I should support the small directors and film makers, but there was absolutely no way to get to a showing of it. Oh well.

Super Size Me was pretty shocking for something that sounds like a child's dream - to eat at McDonald's every day for an entire month. What's more is that a heathier-than-average male reduced himself to being overweight with a liver strangled with fat. One must wonder, "What is this guy thinking?" Eating fast food every day for a month is crazy enough, but having three full meals of it? I shudder just thinking about it.

One of the most notable things in the movie were the children. Presented with pictures, only a handful could recognize the 1st president of the United States, and absolutely none could recognize a picture of Jesus. But wait, it gets better. Presented with the grinning portrait of the McDonald clown, the children immediately recognized what seemed to be their hero, Ronald McDonald. Shocking? Maybe. But saddening? Indefinately.

The film covered many other aspects of nutrition as well, not just McDonald's and obesity. Most alarming for me are the school lunches. Most teens and children complain about their school lunches. I believe they have every right to. However, seeing the lunches made in Ohio gave me doubts. Compared to the USDA-funded processed slop we have here, the lunch was a 3 star restaurant. Freshly prepared foods (however aimed at fast food-eating youths) like pizza, hamburgers, etc. were offered. There were also a large variety of snack foods (chips, cakes, and other goodies with obscene amounts of high fructose corn syrup) avalible. According to the staff, this was to allow children to decide how to eat on their own. Children can't be trusted. As much as it hurts me to say it, it's true. The vast majority of the kids' lunches are fries and soda. School seem to turn a blind eye on these kind of things, thinking, "Oh, they must have brought something from home." We all know in our mind that it's untrue. Oh, if the children aren't eating fries, they buy a teeth-grinding amount of cakes and sweets to snack on.

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Jul 29, 2004

The Impetuous Epicure

Welcome to the new blog. I spent all of today backing up, uploading, and configuring my new domain and host. Since my current hosting plan is overkill, I'm offering free hosting under a subdomain and POP3 e-mail. You can e-mail or instant message me for details. I'm going to have to "redesign" the site a bit, as the visuals are quite lacking.

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Jul 18, 2004

Strawberries Galore

It's a few seconds from midnight. It's still raining heavily, and it's been gloomy all day. So, I might as well tell you about my strawberry adventure.

Four weeks ago, my family and a couple of friends went strawberry picking. It was on a small farm in South Hampton. It took about 2 hours to get there, and an extra hour to find it. It turns out we had passed it and took note of it as a shoddy roadside "pick your own" place.

First impressions aside, it was quite a large farm of strawberries, at least to this city-slicking New Yorker.

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Jul 14, 2004

It's a World Gone Mad

Oh dear God. Last Sunday was my first time. So much licking and sweating. I'm talking about gelato on a hot summer day. Sunday was the first time I've tasted any type of ice cream so good.

For a while now, I've wanted to get my playstation 2 modified to play backups, imports and other goodies. So, Sunday morning, my family and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant on 8th Avenue for lunch(heavy brunch, lunch - it's all the same). The restaurant's name is Cho Lon, without those insane pronunciation marks. The Pho at this particular place is a bit lacking in flavor, but gives quite a lot of noodles and meat, probably due to the fact that there is a competeing restaurant next door.

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