Holy crap, this is deaded.

July 6th, 2007


Stay tuned, I’m pulling some projects right now - watch http://www.three-half.comĀ  (maybe in 2 weeks or so) for what I’m up to now. For the person and a half that still visits, everything is still intact - via impetuous-epicure.com or imp-ep.three-half.com.


Bread Expert on Conan

March 15th, 2007

Youtube is evil for contributing for my total lack of sleep on top of work. Here’s a hilarious (in a dirty, innuendo-filled way) video. Food-related no less! “Bread expert Steven Kaplan fills Conan in on just how sexy a loaf of bread can be.”

Best waste of 5 minutes before a 2-hour sleep before school.


February 8th, 2007

But, Allen: YOU are killing the internet by not feeding it any material. New posts! ;)

I get this nagging feeling at the back of my mind every time I eat out to update this blog, but at the rate at which I blog times the coefficient of the wingdings over the angle of my forehead doesn’t allow me time to blog. I kinda want to - you know, get into college.

So I’m one of those kids that stay after school till the sun goes down for extracurriculars. And does volunteer work. And likes to see good grades. Okay okay - I’m just Asian. So I apologize for that. Hang tight guys. I’ll be back once I get my letters and go to BIG BOY SCHOOL. :D

Pizza at Luzzo’s

April 17th, 2006
Luzzo's - La Pizza Di Napoli

Last month was Kathy’s annual visit to New York. “What does a food blogger do when traveling?” If you even thought that, you need help.

Of course, Kathy had an accomplice. Would else would be the perfect candidate for a week of non-stop eating than Robyn herself? Despite their previous late night’s trip to WD-50, both were raring to dig into some more food. Robyn, Adam, and I had been discussing a pizza meet on flickr. Other than the bagel what other food is so quintessential to the Big Apple diet than pizza? (Don’t say apples) Our destination was Luzzo’s, a coal oven pizza place in the East Village. According to the clippings in the window, Martha Stewart had been a guest of honor. Sweet. That must mean there’s pastel colored napkins and arranged flowers coordinated with the weather. No such luck.

The interior was actually pretty well lit for a pizza place like this. I mean - if you’ve ever seen John’s on Bleecker St., you’d think the staff were garlic-eating vampires or something. (Supersaturated with beta carotene? Oh well.) The lighting gave off a warm glow - almost tavern-like. The walls were adorned with pizza peels, shovels, garlic, roasted peppers, et cetera. Oh, and nutella. Gigantic jars of nutella with the gold lids were sitting on the counter - one unused. What it was used for? No idea.

Our party consisted of me, Robyn, Kathy, Adam, and Amy (Who doesn’t have a food blog! Gasp!). The waiter was very friendly and had a thick Italian accent. While we were taking preliminary photos (this is why foodies are automatically geeks), took Kathy’s camera and took a picture of all of us. That, my friends, is the mark of quality. Or something like that.

I looked at the menu that was handed to us. A few moments later, I realized I couldn’t read Italian. Yes, I’m slow. Good thing there was English underneath the names of the dishes. After some discussion and enjoyment of the bread basket, we decided to order two appetizers and 4 pizzas.

Luzzo's - Fried Calamari Luzzo's - Frito Napoli

We started with the Fried Calamari and the Frito Napoli. The calamari was alright, but it was lacking both in flavor and texture. It wasn’t tough at all, which was great, but it was unimpressive. The frito napoli is more or less an assortment of fried stuff. The assortment was: croquettes, rice balls, and something with cheese. In the center: bruchetta. It was a rather small appetizer for us, but the ones I sampled were very good. Mmm, fried stuffs.

Luzzo's - Bufala di Mozzarella Pizza Luzzo's - Martha Pizza Luzzo's - Marinara Pizza

We ordered the Bufala di Mozzarella(top), Marinara(bottom), Ortolano(not pictured), and Martha(Center) Pizzas. Firstly, the crusts on all of the pizzas were very consistent with the exception of the Martha pizza, which I’ll go into a bit later.

The Bufala di Mozzarella Pizza is simply a buffalo mozzarella topped pie. Overall, it was my favorite of the group. The mozzarella tasted fresh and mellow compared to cows’ milk mozzarella. The crust was much thinner than the typical New York variety, but not cracker-like. Unfortunately, I don’t like mediums. Give me thick crust or cracker crusts, nothing in between! However, the crust’s dough was very good. It had a bit of smokiness from the coal oven. Oh, the crust exploded! We got a good laugh out of this:

Luzzo's - Bufala Slice

The crust wasn’t overly laden with toppings, so I was able to eat with my hands, which is always fun.

The Marinara Pizza is topped with: tomato, garlic, oregano, olives, and anchovies. I’ve never had anchovies before, but apparently Kathy likes them quite a bit. “Extra anchovies,” even. And you know what? Anchovies rock. They were really good on this pie, which really packed a punch of flavor along with the garlic and olives. Can you say sodium overload? Hells yeah! This tied with the Martha for second place.

The Martha is their special pie named after Martha Stewart. With an ingredient list including truffles and proccuitto, Luzzo’s does homage right! I can’t remember for the life of me whether the mozzarella was cow or buffalo. I’m leaning toward buffalo, because the crust was flaccid and soggy from an overload of ingredients. That texture really disappointed me. Thankfully the flavors did work with each other, but I think the truffle was overwhelmed by the procciutto. It would have handily won first in my subjective evaluation of the pies otherwise. Ohh, I feel science-y! SUBJECTIVE! ANALYTICAL! (Cough)

Lastly is the Ortolano Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplants, radicchio, and basil. I forgot to take a picture of it, but that’s more or less what it was - forgettable. Compared to the other pizzas, the taste was far too underwhelming. It’s a shame, because it probably is quite good by itself.

Luzzo’s is quite pricy, and if the menupage’s reviewers are accurate, everything non-pizza on the menu has been in decline with the price doing just the opposite. It came out to about $20/person with tax and tip.

Oh, afterwards, we went to Il Laboratio del Gelato. I mean: What better way to finish a pizza meal?

Luzzo’s Ristorante
211 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10003

One of those “I’m not dead and/or have not stopped stuffing my face,” entries

March 27th, 2006

Nope, I’m not. Just busy as hell, you know, with school and other stuff that likes to prevent me from staying home for any one day of the week. That not letting me sleep for more than 6 hours for that last month/month and a half.

Whoever said high school life was bliss should be given a good talking to. By talking to, I mean with a hand or two. By a hand or two, I mean in the shape of a fist. You know, aimed toward the throat.

But I just have to say something. Kathy should be an idol for all food bloggers. I’ve never seen anyone so profoundly and unwavering in his or her Passion for Food. Her account with the man she loves named Claude. Has really questioned my devotion to all things gastronomic. It was moving and inspiring. I am shamed.

In an effort to redeem myself, I ate two pastries as well! Uh-huh!

Happy eating!

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